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Eat, Drink and be Merry

Get the best of Culinary delights from the restaurants of LaCalypso Hotels.

La Cafe

No holiday experience is complete without a taste of the local cuisine and, at LA Cafe, we have rounded up the best of India’s cuisine to tempt the palate. Sample hot rotis, served with decadent dollops of ghee and delicious sabzi, to experience the skilful blend of flavors that characterizes Indian cuisine. Try mouth-watering sweets, expertly made by master chefs with secret recipes.

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La Shack

Shacks abound on Goan beachfront, and LA Shack emulates the rough country decor perfectly. The spread is a different story though; with luscious kebabs and succulent bites on the menu. The beach experience would be incomplete without freshly-caught seafood and fruity cocktails, and that’s what La Shack offers up in abundance. In our opinion, it is the perfect spot for a romantic candlelit dinner for two – the sea in the background, gulls providing the ambient noise and delicious food for the soul.

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La Bella Ciao

Ride the waves on powerful jet skis, defy gravity with para-sailing or just bask in the sun-drenched day on Baga beach – and then quench the thirst with exotic cocktails, with Italian food at La Belle Ciao. The chilled atmosphere prevalent also provides the perfect ambiance for social interaction.
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